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Ellen Melamed, MA
Certified Alexander Technique Teacher
Tucson, AZ





The Alexander Technique(AT) is a simple and practical method that helps you learn to move with ease. If you are in pain, or want to prevent pain in the future, a series of lessons in the AT teaches you how to change the way you do whatever you do.





                   The Alexander Technique will help you:                                   


*Ease back, neck and leg aches  *Improve posture  *Avoid falls  *Reduce Arthritis, Bursitis and Sciatica Pain

*Decrease joint pain  *Improve flexibility  * Reduce headaches  *Sleep deeply *Improve coordination

*Breathe deeply  *Develop better balance  *Minimize asthmatic episodes  *Eliminate muscular pain *Reduce stress



If you... sit at a computer, cook and wash dishes, make art, dance, sing or make music... are an athlete who bikes, hikes, golfs, plays tennis, or swims... gardens, meditates, carries packages, travels in cars, buses, planes, and trains...



                                             ... YOU CAN BENEFIT FROM THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE!


You may not realize that how you move and how you think can interfere with enjoying your activities and may increase your pain and decrease your pleasure.

Learning the AT improves the quality of your everyday life as your thinking becomes clear, your alignment improves, and you experience an overall ease that creates tranquility and insight.


If you've tried other healing methods but still experience pain, it may be time to empower and educate yourself. With gentle, hands on guidance, I can, as an Alexander Technique teacher with 20+ years of experience, help you have more fun and enjoy your life fully.

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